“Get Kids Outside” Environmental Education Video

The Friends of Lory State Park, a local 501(c)3 non-profit organization, would like to pass on some new environmental education content to all school districts in the Northern Colorado area through our first Get Kids Outside video. Our hope is that you will share this information with your school and fellow educators so we can continue to support students as they explore nature in 2021.

It is well known that children are spending too much time in doors and plugged-in to technology. We are seeing an increase in childhood health issues including obesity, hyperactivity, and difficulty concentrating. The Get Kids Outside scholarship program was created to provide grants and financial support for students to connect with nature through class trips to Lory State Park.

Because of school field trip restrictions over the last year, getting kids outside is more important than ever. While many of these experiential learning opportunities are on hold, the Friends of Lory State Park and the GKO program have produced an introduction video to the Well Gulch Interpretive Hike, thereby giving students an opportunity to virtually visit the park.

After viewing the video online, we highly recommend that students and their families visit Lory State Park to complete the hike themselves! Families and individuals are able to check out State Parks passes and educational backpacks at the Poudre River Library District for free.

Here is the link to the Well Gulch Virtual Interpretive Hike on Youtubehttps://youtu.be/88U4NFyyaEU – let us know what you think! And thank you for sharing this information with your fellow educators, students, and their parents. 

P.S. Friends of Lory State Park would like to acknowledge Jon Young for his work filming and editing; Karen Wheeler for writing the script; Lina for tech support; and the financial supporters of the GKO program.