Board Member Roles and Qualifications

The Friends of Lory State Park is always seeking qualified applicants for its Board of Directors. FoLSP by-laws provide for a minimum of 4 and maximum of 15 board members, each to serve a 3-year term in staggered sessions.

Board of Directors Application Form

Board roles:

  • Ideation roles: visualize, discover, invent, and promote ideas.
  • Guiding roles: manage, navigate, oversee, and develop ideas.
  • Building roles: implement, execute, and transform ideas into processes.
  • Improving roles: expand, reduce, and fine tune existing products and processes.
  • Understanding of and a commitment to support the mission and vision of Friends of Lory and Lory State Park.
  • Willingness to support the group with time and finances.
  • Willingness to help raise money through fundraisers, contributions, gifts, and grants.
  • Willingness to help recruit new board members.
  • Willingness to help recruit volunteers.
  • Proven ability to craft strategies and establish priorities.
  • Proven ability to implement plans and programs.
  • Experience with a non-profit organization and an understanding of non-profit management and best practices are desirable, but not necessary.
  • Willingness to devote 8-12 hours a month to board responsibilities, including 1½ – 2 hour monthly board meetings and other meetings as necessary.

Experience and skill sets sought:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing, Communications & Public Relations
  • Grant Writing
  • Fundraising
  • Event Planning
  • Social Media
  • Accounting or Financial experience
  • Legal experience
  • Volunteer Management
  • Organizational management experience
  • Natural Resources Management
  • Education/interpretation
  • Leadership Experience