“Get the Kids Outside” Scholarship Grant Application Process

1. The organization requesting the scholarship must be a non-profit organization or a K-12 school-affiliated group.

2.  The grant is awarded on the basis of need. Preference is given to Colorado and Wyoming applicants.

3. The field trip project description must include an outdoor environmental education activity at Lory State Park and the project theme must support the mission of Colorado State Parks and Wildlife. (If this involves research, a research permit must be completed and approved prior to scholarship application.)

4. Grant applicants must coordinate a field trip date in advance with the park’s environmental educator. 

5. A completion report is requested by the end of the school year in which the grant field trip occurs.  Please provide a description of the actual field trip, including the number of teachers, parent volunteers, and students, as well as learning outcomes achieved and state standards met. 

Field trip days fill up fast! To book dates, contact Lory’s environmental educator at: loryspeducation@gmail.com 

Maximum award: $500 limit per school, per year, with funds to be used primarily for transportation. 

Maximum Group Size: We must limit the number of students per visit.  If your group exceeds our maximum, please consider scheduling on multiple days.  

*Middle school & high school groups: 85 students

*Elementary school groups: 75 students 

Previous application materials (prior to 2022):

Download application packets and email completed applications to: loryspeducation@gmail.com

Get the Kids Outside Scholarship 2021 application (Download PDF)

OR mail to:

FoLSP Get the Kids Outside Scholarship Committee

c/o Lory State Park 708 Lodgepole Drive, Bellvue, CO 80512