2017 Volunteer Appreciation Dinner Was A Great Success!

More than 40 people attended the 2017 Lory Volunteer Appreciation Dinner at the Greyrock Commons Community House on November 10, 2017.  Enthusiastic participants included Friends’ board members, volunteers, Park staff and management, all of whom shared a selection of scrumptious dishes, a variety of beverages, a photo presentation highlighting volunteer activities and an entertaining exchange of Park “war stories.” The evening was a huge success.

Words of heartfelt thanks and appreciation were delivered by Lory State Park Manager Roy McBride and park naturalist and environmental educator Alicia Goddard, who also helped plan and organize the event.  Friends of Lory board member, Mick Syzek, thanked trail work volunteers and shared news of ongoing Friends’ projects.

Thanks were also extended to the evening’s hosts, Ellen and Andrew, who made possible the use of the spacious and warmly welcoming Greyrock Commons Community House in Fort Collins.

Trays of lasagna from Canino’s Italian restaurant in Fort Collins were accompanied by salad, appetizers, desserts and beverages provided by the Friends of Lory State Park group.

 “Volunteers are an integral part of any community,” said Alicia Goddard, “but in a special environment such as Lory State Park, they are pivotal. Thank you all!” Thousands of volunteer hours were logged in 2017 from trail crews, maintenance crews, event coordinators and environmental education program volunteers.

Books, gift cards, and other individually selected thank you items were generously provided by Friends of Lory State Park; and volunteer t-shirts and aluminum water bottles from Colorado Parks and Wildlife were distributed.

“We would also like to acknowledge everyone who helped with setting up the event and cleaning up afterward,” said Diana L. Dwyer, president of the Friends group. “This year’s event was a huge success thanks – again – to the dedication of many volunteers!”